“Love is an action, not just a feeling.”

-bell hooks 

Individual Sessions

We use a one-to-one approach that encourages clients to authentically express their thoughts, feelings, and stories.
During individual sessions we intently listen, respond, and engage clients in exploring ways to affirm their experiences. 
SESSIONS: 50 mins

Group Sessions

We use a person-centered approach that empowers clients to connect with themselves and the world around them.
During group sessions clients are provided identity-safe spaces that encourages, uplifts, and provides support. 
SESSIONS: 60 mins

College and Career Advising

We provide guidance, resources, and high-quality care to clients who are beginning their journey of post-secondary education. 
In this area we work with adults, adolescents, and college bound students to explore, facilitate, and implement individualized plans and goals. We use a refined and evidence-based approach that embraces, guides, and enhances. 
SESSIONS: 60 mins

Consultations, Assessments, & Professional Development

We provide customized trainings and professional development to schools, organizations, and other institutions.
 We offer clients a personalized design and experience centered on our clients needs and goals.  
In this area we review clients expectations and offer evidence-based consultations, assessments, and professional development.  We use a refined and evidence-based approach that is enlightening, engaging, and interactive. 
SESSIONS: Consultation Required